OCMA SRL’s Power Lifting Technology

We supply powerlifting products from OCMA SRL. These include,
  • Bridge Cranes to 200 tons
  • Gantry Cranes to 200 tons
  •  Product Rail Trolleys to 300 tons
  • Jib Cranes and Wall Cranes
  •  Passengers boarding bridge
  •  Special Machines

Bridge Cranes To 200 Tons

Take a look at OCMA’s BRIDGE CRANES that we offer. We can build you anything from small and simple to large, complex, or customized models!

OCMA is the leader in designing and producing cranes of any size with capacity following the client’s specifications.

At Innovative Equipment Supply Corp, our technical department has the expertise in installing them based on special characteristics such as yours to meet all your needs perfectly for worksite accessibility.

Gantry Cranes To 200 Tons

OCMA’s range of heavy-duty cranes, with capacities up to 200 tons and dimensions tailored just for you.

We’ve got something for everyone, from small shops with one crane to large operations that need multiple platforms; we’ll find an option suited just right. If you have any questions about capacity or dimensions, don’t hesitate to contact us directly because this department is always ready to help and provide accurate information on all things Crane related

Product Rail Trolleys to 300 tons

The trolleys on rails are an efficient way of moving large masses. They can be used for manufacturing bricks, which have a capacity of up to 300 tons and allow you more control when forming them into your desired shape.

Jib Cranes and Wall Cranes

OMCA is a leading brand for JIB cranes, with a capacity of up to 10 tons and spans of over ten meters.

At Innovative Equipment Supply Corp, we offer OMCA’s wall-mounted equipment specifically tailored to your needs. So if you have something specific in mind or want some advice, please feel free to contact us anytime!

Special Machines

We supply special machines from OCMA, a company specializing in designing and manufacturing special machines for the lifting sector. We have decades of experience working with cranes from all over, no matter what kind or size they are.

Our technical department makes your life easier by providing tailored solutions right around your needs.


We offer mining buckets from Lameter Spa designed exclusively for face shovels, marble quarries, and backhoe excavators. Our products include,

  • Excavator and Wheel Loader Quick Coupler
  • Specialized Block Handling Attachments
  • Customized Buckets



Crushing is a challenging process, and Innovative Equipment Supply Corp. has over 25 years of expertise in crushing to offer you solutions for any size-reduction challenge. We provide analysis on specific needs and define engineering & production processes with cycle simulation programs that will help you allocate resources accordingly while also providing test commissioning after-sales services.

  • Stationary Plants
  • Skid Mounted Plants
  • Wheels
  • Tracks-Mounted Plants
  • Analysis Of Specific Needs
  • Specific Definitions
  • Allocation Of Productive Resources
  • Engineering & Process
  • Test And Commissioning
  • After-Sales Service


Crushing, Washing, Feeding, Screening, Transport & Storing, Sand Treatments.

We offer Bioni’s premium crushing and washing equipment and help you deal with crushing solutions for any application with a comprehensive range of production cycles. We have you covered, from primary and secondary equipment to a complete lineup that includes standard products and custom-shaped pieces.

These products are ideal for,

  • Mining
  • Quarry
  • Infrastructure
  • Agro-food industry
Machines, And Systems To Separate Solids From Process Water.

Fines recovery is an essential procedure in any form of mineral and aggregate processing since the plant that washes material ends up with effluents and wastewater containing extremely tiny particles, classifiable as a by-product of the washing process. We supply the following aggregate washing machines from Bioni’s.

  • washing machines/disclaimers
  • logging washers
  • sand recovery bucketwheel
  • washers for screws
  • hydro cyclone-equipped sand recovery units
  • washing screens that rotate
  • screens for dewatering
Machinery For The Clarification Of Water

Baioni designs and manufactures water clarification plants that offer various dynamic or static settlers ideally suited to multiple applications. These include environmental ones too! For example, they can be used on their own in cases where there’s just one problem with dirty river water. Other times, it might require more than one machine like hydro cyclones draining screens, polypreparers, decanter centrifuges, filter presses, etc. We’ll help you decide what type is right depending on your needs because each application deals differently.

With our range of Bioni’s high-quality water clarification plants, we can provide you with the perfect solution for your needs. We have various types available. No matter what kind of size application there is in mind – from environmental use all way up through highly productive industrial applications – it’s easy to find one that suits your requirements.

  • Over 90% of water reclamation and treatment
  • Customized tank dimensions
  • Minimal production of decantation lake tanks
Systems For Eliminating Dust Generated By Crushing Plants

At Innovative Equipment Supply Corp, we supply Baioni’s dust suppression systems to combat particles generated by aggregate processing, landfills, and hazardous areas. This equipment is ideal for lowering the danger of environmental contamination and improving the working environment.

Bioni’s dust controlling system is ideal for:

  • Loading hoppers
  • Unloading boxes
  • Crushing
  • Feeding
  • Conveyor Belts
Machinery For The Automatic Management Of Processes & Automated Control Of Each Plant

At Innovative Equipment Supply Corp, we supply Bioni’s machinery for automated management controls and vigilantly install them—ensuring all your industrial machinery requirements are fulfilled.


Soil Washing

Soil washing plants are designed to recover the valuable part of contaminated soils, reducing the need for new quarries and landfills.

Baioni designs soil-washing plants on data provided by laboratory tests that our partners carry out at significant samples from your property, with each installation explicitly tailored according to the type of dirt tested to give you the best suited economic solution. The different types of contaminants used by Bioni: Heavy metals, hydrocarbons, polyaromatic hydrocarbon pesticides, and other toxins such as TNT, PCB, and more.

Sediment Washing

By stocking up Bioni’s products to treat, remediate, and process the sediments, soil, groundwater, and specific waste, we help you improve the environment.

Baioni’s extensive experience in environmental services, soil treatment, and hazardous waste management has allowed it to become one the most reliable names when dealing with these potentially dangerous situations. The sediment washing is ideal for,

  • Mooring Areas
  • Port Seabed
  • Marine Environment
  • Shipyards
  • Industrial areas


The Bioni’s solidification equipment is fully automated, controlled, and monitored through electrical control panels—assisting you treat the waste properly.

We offer Bioni’s solidification treatment, a powerful way to treat both physical and chemical substances included in waste. This occurs through an inert matrix process that reduces pollutants’ mobility while also fixing them within the solidified material—strengthening chemical bonds between molecules via heat or pressure treatments.

Sun Division

Save Energy For Future Generations

In a world where natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce, Baioni’s Sun Division was created to minimize energy consumption. Their streamlined business model has allowed them to invest in solar panels and cover various establishments with an efficient system that helps save money while reducing carbon emissions by 400 tons per year!